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(A Neverending) Journey To The West
Psycho-Pass 06 
17th-Nov-2012 01:17 pm
Any WK fan watching Psycho-Pass?

Episode 6 tells of a psychotic art club president of an all-girls school who killed and dismembered her victim, poses her and puts her on public display. However the public is unaware as she is "hidden" behind a hologram.  

I was immediately reminded of a WK fanfic that I read where the boys were investigating a homicide case, where the victims were dismembered and their bodies were posed and displayed in public as art masterpieces. Aya and Ken went undercover as students in a university to investigate the case when Ken was targeted to be the next victim. It was an incomplete fic and I cannot remember the title at all. *pouts*

Anyone recalls this fic?

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