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(A Neverending) Journey To The West
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30th-May-2015 06:46 pm - HAPPY BURST-DAY, KEIRE_KE!!
Best wishes for a joyous day bursting with love and laughter. Happy Burst-day!!

Sanzo IV
24th-Apr-2015 08:38 pm - Suanz' almost annual post??
Helloooooo everyone!!

A thousand apologies for the inactivity but I have been busy...... and lazy.

I finally quit my company, after 8 years and 11 months, and joined another one. My current job is still customer service related but instead of dealing with corporations, I'm dealing with consumers. *shudders* It's actually more 'challenging' but I think the change of work environment is refreshing. So bottomline is work is still busy as ever. I guess my next target should be retirement??? Ha Ha Ha

On the personal front, I visited Japan in October 2014 and March 2015. Both were for 2 weeks each. I reckon this can be considered a personal achievement though I've burnt up all my leave. Which means I can only go for my next holiday to Japan in 2016. What a bummer....

In Oct 2014, I ended up visiting Takayama, Kamikochi (which a national reserve park), Osaka & Tokyo. Here are some pics.....

TAKAYAMA - Nakabashi, Miyamaebashi, Miyagawa

KAMIKOCHI - Mt Yake-Dake, Asuza River, Taisho Pond

OSAKA - Dotonburi, Shitennoji, Osaka Castle

In March 2015, I went to Shimoda, Dougashima, Futo Coast, Irozaki and Matsuzaki in Izu Peninsula, Numazu in Shizuoka and Tokyo.
I have created a tumblr account and uploaded some pics of this recent trip there so please feel free to pop over to have a look.

Other things that I have been busy with would be my anime figure collection. All my hard earned money is going into these plastic figures. I know it's crazy but what the heck. I might drop dead suddenly so what's the point of saving every single cent? It's a lame excuse but yeah........

And I'm still watching my anime and reading my fanfiction. Life would be incomplete without them.

Last but not least, my hubby and son are doing great. J is getting more mature and I hear less whining. I think I can say that life is treating me well. It would be best if I didn't have to work but I should't be too greedy. Ha Ha Ha....

That's all for now. Have a great weekend ahead, everyone. ;)

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Sanzo IV
15th-Jul-2014 10:57 am - Happy Birthday, rachel_reicheru!!
Wishing you all the best on this special day!!

Hugs & Kisses


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Sanzo IV

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Sanzo IV
12th-Jun-2014 07:03 pm - De-friending

I'm going to be cleaning up my friends list as I have not been posting nor commenting actively. And because of my long list of friends (well, long for me), I sometimes missed out on some posts that I would have been interested in. So I'm thinking of reducing my friends to those that I have been interacting with frequently.

Please do not be offended.

It did not cross my mind to put up this post until someone whom I de-friended asked me about it. My bad!!

Sanzo IV
7th-Jul-2013 12:32 am - I'm alive!!!
 Hello everyone

Just an update to let everyone know that I'm still lurking around.

Work is still crazy but good news is I'm planning for a 2 week holiday to Japan in early Oct. It's just the start of autumn in the Kanto region where Tokyo is but I should be able to catch a glimpse of the autumn colours in Nikko & Sendai (Tohoku region) which is further up north.

Hopefully this will be an even better trip then the last. I barely planned my itinerary and the weather did not help (winter - brrrrr).

Stay healthy & happy, people. Hugs to all.

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Sanzo IV
15th-Jun-2013 11:16 am - Anticipating.......
 Upcoming anime featuring hot dudes in the pool. Anticipating lots of nosebeed-inducing moments. Please don't disappoint!!!


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Sanzo IV
3rd-Mar-2013 10:02 am - Many Happy Returns, robotlove!!
Have an awesome birthday filled with loads of love, joy and presents!!

Happy Birthday

Lots of love,


Sanzo IV
14th-Feb-2013 06:23 pm - Valentine_Smut
Errr... I may have hit my head and suffer from temporary memory loss. Are we skipping Valentine_Smut this year???

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Sanzo IV
During my annual leave from 17 Dec 2012 - 2 Jan 2013, aside from falling sick, I managed to complete the following animes. Not too bad if I have to say so myself. *grins*

Total : 24+1 (recap) episodes

It all started as a visual novel aka interactive fiction game which then resulted in some spin-offs or sequels.  Anyway, Earth has been invaded by aliens called BETA, who chomp humans as a snack, and mankind attempts to defeat them or risk extinction. Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse is about the trials (& tribulations??) of a group of Tactical Surface Fighters test pilots. TSFs (think mecha-tech) are weapons developed by mankind fight against BETAs.

Typical mankind vs alien warfare but it boasts excellent graphics and the soundtrack rocks. There is action, gore and romance and I liked the fact that it did not turn out to be a sappy, love story.The beginning of the series already had me at the edge of my seat with anxiety and frustration. This production managed to keep me interested all the way to the end which I must say is a feat by itself.

Sword Art Online
Total : 25 episodes

This tells of players who are trapped in the world of virtual reality when they logged on to a Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (VRMMORPG) called Sword Art Online but found that they could not log out unless they clear the final stage. I had my reservations with this but after the 2nd or 3rd episode, I was hooked. It was delightfully easy to watch and very, very entertaining.

Of course it helped that the male protagonist, Kirito is drawn so adorably cute (he's 16, if memory serves me correct).

Total : 13 episodes

I'm kinda undecided about this one. I had difficulty getting into this anime, partly because the storyline in the beginning was really confusing. I was struggling to keep up with it but I persevered due to one awesome character in this anime - Suou Mikoto aka The Red King. This is one uber cool dude. I'm 50 - 50 with the ending though. I'd say it's a meh ending yet totally appropriate. Hence what I meant by undecided. LOL!!

But one thing for sure is, the soundtrack (as in the music played throughout the anime, not the OP or ED) is excellent!!

Total : 22 episodes

I like this anime just because it is beautifully drawn, and the storyline is very simple. It's a story of a boy, Oreki Houtarou, who joins the Classic Literature Club at the start of his high school years, as a favour for his sister who was a former member, as the club is at risk of being abolished if it has no new members.

Oreki's motto in life is to use the least effort to complete his tasks which he coins as energy-saving. This anime depicts how he changes little by little as he interacts with the rest of the club members. Despite being in the Classics Literature Club, Oreki and the club members are always solving little puzzles that they come across during school. Do note that there is no major action or mystery but nonetheless, it's a nice anime and worth watching if you have the time to spare.

Say I Love You
Total : 13 episodes

This is originally a manga (which is ongoing) and made into an anime. It tells of a loner, Mei, who keeps to herself in school, and how the most popular boy in school, Yamato, becomes interested in her. During this time, Yamato slowly drags Mei out of her shell and she starts making friends and falls for him as well.

This is a sappy love story but one I enjoyed a lot. It's just so cute how Mei & Yamato's love blossom. He He He....

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Sanzo IV
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